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Come on holiday to Algarve and train with the PTA

The good weather and the sun is one of the ex-libris of the Algarve, in the summer the days are bigger, and the energy of the vacationers is contagious, and we have the solution to channel this energy in the best way, and it is called TRAINING!!

I want to workout in the summer!

Allow us to continue the commitment you had during the year, We´re sure that the reward is already visible, but to stay in shape we must continue. We understand that you are on vacation and want to have leisure time, but that is exactly what we are talking about, diversified training, family, outdoor groups with friends, Personal Training in places where you would not dare to go, PT home in the comfort of Your home or your pool, workouts on the beach before the crowds arrive, etc.

At Personal Trainers (PTA) we guarantee training and leisure at the same time, come to street, beach, and garden we try to give you a spectacular workout.

And we are also talking to you, who for the most different reasons has not yet started a training program. Start at this point where you have the most time, and you will see that it will triple your energy when you return to work, it will be unrecognizable. We will help you and regain your form, with the motivation needed to continue, and the next year train with us again. Know who is looking for us every year to train (testimonials).

I want to be a PTA client

The Algarve is the destination of choice for the majority of portuguese, and is in the wishlist of a large part of the population of northern Europeans. The quality of the beaches and structures supporting the outdoor exercise is unquestionable, there is a varied offer of activities such as Personal Trainer, golf, water activities, air activities, and land, with this all may only be active, with moments of Fun and leisure, while allowing your body all the movement for which it was designed, so enjoy it to the fullest and we can recommend and help what will be most suitable for you.

Come and have the dream vacation you deserve, and we offer you: energy, leisure, and health.

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