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6 Most common mistakes we make when we want to lose weight

Today we are going to help you avoid some of the mistakes we face everyday.

Slimming is much more than counting calories, slimming is different from losing weight, slimming means reducing the % fat mass, and body perimeters

I want to lose weight

Probably you've tried different types of diets - the moon, soup, páleo, detox, until all the gyms have in your city, and went to classes that promised to spend 1000 kcal in 1 hour. But you still do not see results. Calm down, we have the solution, do not throw the towel down and stay with us during this article.

The 6 most common mistakes of those who want to lose weight and its solution:

1. Blindly believe in advertising and miraculous claims of packaging

There because the label of a product make it sound healthy does not mean it is.

The food lobby makes us believe this, with half-truths and "scientific" claims, the most glaring examples are breakfast flakes, some even say "fitness" are "brown" and rich in what is known as which lowers cholesterol, and accompany with what? that's right Milk - possibly not the most interesting drink for you. There are also pre / post workout cereal bars (loaded with sugar and empty calories), and salads with sauces, sugary drinks, which contain more fats than they look. Advertising never informs the amount of sugar / fat / salt per 100g nor the origin and manufacturing process of the contents of the packaging.

It is vital to eat more fresh foods, vegetables, vegetables and fruit of the day, if we opt for packaged products, we should always read the contents of the label and ensure that the food is really suitable for our purpose.

2. Sleep poorly, or sleep little

In a process of slimming sleep is more important than one might think. When we do not sleep enough hours our body will feel exhausted and the next day it needs more energy / calories to function, triggering the urge to eat pleasurable foods (sugar / salt / fat) that will confuse our satiety by making us eat more than we really need. The lack of descano will also induce a state of stress in our body, this one that is debilitated and with a hormonal climate prone to the accumulation of fat.

If you rest properly, it will be much easier to regulate your eating impulses as well as allow your body a healthy state of balance.

3. Do not do strength training

Think of the following analogy, that a car with a more powerful engine, just out of the garage spends more than one with less power. The same goes for our body, individuals who work their muscles and have greater% of Muscle Mass have higher energetic expenditures in the day to day of those who only do cardiovascular training. Strength training and muscle endurance increase the resting metabolic rate and allows us to lose volume in areas where we work harder.

4. Do not eat enough fiber. Fiber allows a feeling of satiety

A low fiber diet can make the task of losing weight much more complicated. Eating plenty of fiber can help reduce the appetite as it fills us, and it quenches.

The following foods are rich in fiber: All vegetables, especially vegetables such as broccoli, cabbage, artichokes, asparagus, spinach and legumes like lentil bean grains.

5. Do not ingest protein. They are indispensable!

If we want to lose weight, we should privilege foods rich in protein, as they also increase the sensation of satiety, allow the "construction" of muscle mass (increased metabolism). Foods such as farm-preferred eggs, pasture and open-air meats, wild or deep-sea fish, legumes and nuts, are protein-rich foods that should be included in your menu.

6. Unrealistic and / or high expectations. The error of the errors

We agree that it is good to have goals so that we know where we have to go and help motivate during the change process. But having very high expectations can clearly be a great enemy, unrealistic goals lead to frustration and discouragement, then bet on short-term and attainable goals, and when you look back, you will see the enormous path you have traveled, full of small successes order to make it a huge success story.

I want to get better results

Our clients no longer make these mistakes. At Personal Trainers we do not limit ourselves to training, we believe that knowledge is a promoter of change and we train those who train with us intensively so that their success is guaranteed. They can prove it!

You also can be a success story!

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