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Feel like never before at 50´s!

Let's make the 50's the new 40's.

All ages have a special charm and because any age is good to feel good, here we talk about all those who have already entered or are about to enter the golden age, the 50´s!

Surely you have heard repeatedly that "times have changed". And it's true! We suggest you look back and remember when you were a child and your grandparents were 50 years old. What was it like? Is it identical to yours, in your 50´s? Do you see the change?

The improvement of the quality of life with the physical exercise, it turns 50 years the golden age. Let's see why.

Fifty-year olds now have the experience to know what they want and what is good for them. And thanks to an active and healthy lifestyle, they have many physicists to envy at thirty. And there is more, they also have the "do not know what" that makes men and women very interesting.

So what can you do to be so good at 50´s? Write down:

Alcohol and tobacco? No way! Out!

The effects of tobacco and alcohol on our bodies are well known. Forget harmful vices and cling to something healthy like swimming lessons, biking, hiking / running, etc. Of course you will notice the difference!

Exercise. Always!

Make it a habit to train 3 to 4 times a week and you will feel better about yourself and you will be at your best. Try varying the workouts. Perform different activities to avoid falling into the rut. For example: what about Cycling, Body-Balance, Swimming and Yoga? A different one for each of the days ...

Personal trainer. You have to go through this experience!

Be guided by someone competent in the area of ​​physical exercise and personal training, who has the notion of your capabilities and limits. You'll be able to quickly raise your fitness level to your fullest. That way it will be much easier to feel like never before.

Medical evaluations. Periodically!

It is important, we must be fully aware of our bodies and our health. We all have different physical abilities and we have to adapt physical exercise.

Beauty treatments. Worth it!

One of the most acclaimed treatments at this age is usually facial rejuvenation.

Spa. So good!

Do you know that in the spa you will find different circuits available that will contribute not only to relax but also to eliminate toxins? It depends on your goal, how you feel and what you want at certain times.

Mindfullness. Maximum!

Married, separated, divorced, with children ... there is more to 50´s than to 20´s. And for some women, they also have to deal with the difficult menopause concerns. Therefore, it is essential that we learn to listen to our interior.

These tips aim to show how exciting your 50s can be. Take advantage of your experience, pay attention to your health, practice fitness, enjoy life and feel like never before at 50´s!

At Personal Trainers we can prove this theory since we have clients in this age group in their best form and always with a physical condition to put envy to many of the younger. Check yourself!

Text by Rui Madeira and Cláudio Mocho through Metropolitan Magazine